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Bodyguard and friend?

Oct. 9th, 2006 | 05:50 pm
posted by: digitalruki in amsithru

The sight of T___'s gun brought images of the guards bloody carcases back to Rove's mind, and he gave the doctor a triumphant and evil smirk. Sure he was civil, but he was in no way compassionate, at least not to anyone bigger than him.

Except T___.

Yea, maybe this guy was okay. Since he was an out-of-towner, he was obviously not raised to find guys like Rove in any way attractive. It was weird, but resfreshing.

Plus, having T___ around seemed to be a great way to keep his pursuers at bay. A bodyguard and a friend who didn't want to rape him all in one day? Now if he could only get off this godforsaken inbred hive.

"It's okay, right, Doctor? I don't want to leave this man in your lobby with a dangerous weapon."


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Accompanying the Victim.

Oct. 9th, 2006 | 01:30 pm
posted by: god_of_c00lness in amsithru

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<All right, I will now be posting as Thom. I think I like Taru better, so I may change it to that. Or Takeru. Okay, so Takeru will look like Cloud and Leon pureed together, like Thomas wanted. He's going to be like a stupid version of Jet, with some Sokka mixed in. God, I'm having a hard time picturing this.
Also, I may write quite simple compared to some of your posts. It matches the character, so please don't think lowly of me.
I will also slightly change Thom's character so that it befits what I think a closet gay mercenary would be if I were him or what I would want one to be.>

The feel of the clinic annoyed Thom, but he really didn't know why. He like a more "hard" feel, something adventerous, with masculine colors and smells. Like that alleyway he was at not too long ago, except with maybe a jungle thrown in.
That would be cool.
He noticed a lady nurse stroll by, and their eyes met. She was fairly attractive, with shoulder-lenngth bushy hair. But Thom's interest was mainly because she was a woman, and not overly obese and hideous at that. Thom stood there in thought, trying to look tough so that it hid his slender build.
A voice broke him out of his daydreams, and his eyes met with Rove's. The small boy was pleading desperately to him with his eyes. Thom looked surprised, confused at the reason.
That foot must hurt alot, he must be scared of possible surgery.
Thom smiled to him assuredly, as the doctor tugged Rove down the irritatingly bright hallway.
A new look, one of defeat was now on Rove's face, confusing Thom even more.
As the doctor and the young man moved down the hallway, a little light went off in Thom's head. He couldn't explain it, but he wanted to follow Rove for some reason. He couldn't help looking at the feminine soldier for one thing, you didn't see pretty faces in the area that much.
Except for Thom's, ofcourse.
But Rove was different. His girly physique intrigued Thom, and he didn't want to just leave this guy yet.
"...uh, excuse me!" Thom awkwardly spoke, moving towards the two figures. "If you wouldn't mind, I would like to accompany my...er, companion." (as in, fellow soldier, not lover if anyone thought otherwise)
He turned so that his gun was in view of the doctor, a look of confidence on his face.

DONE! yay.

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Sep. 22nd, 2006 | 02:18 am
posted by: greatteachlargo in amsithru

did I say I would post today?


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(no subject)

Sep. 21st, 2006 | 11:40 am
posted by: god_of_c00lness in amsithru

Hey, this is Gabriel.

How do you do this? I'm supposed to be Thom, right? That name annoys me. Can he be Tamagatchi or something (virtual pet thing). Like, nickname Tama. Trevor. Maybe that.

Yeeeah, Also, can he be less mascuine then Thomas implied? I don't mind being a seme, but an overly masculine one is really.....bothersome for me.


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Sep. 20th, 2006 | 06:40 pm
posted by: greatteachlargo in amsithru

Haha! Good shit! now, if only simon would post!

i'll make a post tomorrow.

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A Pending Decision : Amaran and the Queen

Sep. 11th, 2006 | 12:36 am
location: My Desk
mood: creativecreative
music: The Last Five Years - "See I'm Smiling"
posted by: meldae_wildeyes in amsithru

::Amaran is walking with the Queen, her arm tucked in his as she rests her head on his shoulder. He laid a gentle kiss on her hair, his sweet and romantic nature shining through. "Ah Amaran, how you woo a woman," the Queen cooed, content with the handsome young man at her side. He chuckled in response, blushing a little at her comment. In his own way, he did love the Queen. He admired her strength and sensibilities, was attracted by her beauty and strong personality, and found her to be one of the most compelling creatures he had ever met. But in the end, he knew he loved Samela more, dreamed of her and her fair face. He dreamed of a day that they could live in his spaceship, traveling from star to star in their happiness. But he knew that she wanted a more stationary life with a social circle to be comfortable with. Although he loved these two very enigmatic women, he was trapped to a place he wanted to escape more than he wanted to breathe.

There was a decision to be made soon, something he had been debating over ever since he realized he was in love with Samela. Would he leave this planet alone, take her with him, or would he stay on this rock and live out his unnecessarily short life span as the Queen's toy? He didn't want to live alone out in space, but neither did he want to make Samela unhappy or die in far less than a decade. In a way, he hoped that someone new would come out of nowhere and dazzle the Queen, leaving Amaran grinning blissfully in the dust. Then he could be with Samela. Then the even bigger question: Stay with Samela or leave for the stars.

In the end, he suspected the answer. Ultimately, he knew that every second he worked on his ship, he was growing closer to ports on distant planets. Eventually, he'd find himself. But also he knew that his heart would get broken in the process. He wondered how awful it would be. Maybe death by sex would be better...

He shook his head, his eyes refocusing on the elaborately carved door in front of him. He had passed this door many times before, a shiver racking his frame every time. He had dreaded this door more than he had when coming to this palace when he was a lad. He looked down at the blonde woman at his side, masking his utter fear. Her deep blue eyes slitted, her red lips somehow looked far more sexual than usual. Amaran was suddenly terrified of this normally divine creature.

"Majesty...?" he murmured, making sure only question came into his tone and nothing weak.
"Come along Amaran, let us take a test drive. You are used to working with machinery, do you think you can transfer over to a more pliable medium?" she purred, tracing figures onto his arm intently.
"If your majesty has a task for me to perform, I will follow her command." His eyes lowered as he spoke.
Her lips pursed, then smirked as she grabbed the front of his blue jacket and dragged him inside the Royal Bedchamber.
"Let's see if we can make you sound a little more excited..."


Hope you liked that Ruki-pon! Okay, so for my second post, I want Amaran in the process of being ravished by the Queen with a thought bubble of Samela. OH PRETTY PLEASE WITH A NEKKID CHIBI AMARAN ON TOP!!!!

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(no subject)

Sep. 10th, 2006 | 08:31 pm
posted by: digitalruki in amsithru

OOC notes:
People, please title your posts using the handydandy LJ subject line feature. it just makes it easier to locate posts. ^^

remember that when simon commits his crime, Rove and Thom supposedly get put ont the list of conspirators and are slated for execution. thats why they're on the run. i'm thinking that the doctor charcater that Cado introduces could have somethign to do with this misunderstanding. maybe he didn't like getting blown off by Rove. maybe Thom pissed him off. also, isn't Amaran also being blamed for the assasination?

anyway, that's just a heads-up. now i want to see updates. post baby!

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The Good Samaritan

Sep. 10th, 2006 | 08:13 pm
posted by: digitalruki in amsithru

**I need to change Ruki's name to something else beginning with R. its just ot right to keep Ruki. Ruki is a girl's name. So I'm going to call him Rove for now. If anyone objects, or has a better suggestion, please.**

Clutching Thom's shoulders in an awkward fashion, Rove stumbled into the Imperial Hospital lobby. Several nurses looked up as he came in. A doctor standing at the other end of the lobby looked him over, rolled up his sleeves importantly, and strode over. "Where are you hurt?" he said to the pair.

Rove shoved Thom away, determined to stand on his own. Flashing the doctor his Imperial badge, he said, "Just a sprain, doctor."

The doctor leaned down and groped his leg suggestively. Here we go again, thought Rove. He removed Rove's boot and examines his foot, poking it and massaging it. Without warning, an arrow of pain shot through his leg. Rove winced and sucked in his breath. The others looked at him, concerned, but he refused to appear weak.

"I need to examine this further," said the doctor, standing up again. He took Rove's arm, attempting to guide him into a shady examination room. Rove didn't trust him. Why couldn't they just bandage it out here? He glanced at Thom, hoping he didn't look to scared, but secretly hoping that he could get just one more favor out of him.

Please, he asked with his eyes. Come with me.

Several people in the lobby had noticed Thom's gun. They had started to whisper. The doctor tugged harder on Rove's arm.

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(no subject)

Mar. 10th, 2006 | 11:19 pm
music: "Come on Home"- Franz Ferdinand
posted by: greatteachlargo in amsithru

Cado could hear him. The words arrived to his ears, floating in through a mist of pain and confusion. They were knarled from the journey, but he could comprehend them. He was running out of time. He groaped upward, out of fear, he hoped to grab something that he could pull himself up with, up and out of the red mist. He was regaining conciousness, but his wound was still open. He tried best he could to stop the blood flow, but it was quickly becoming a moot point.

"I'm sure... I'm sure you have a map to this place." he said it with his breath, he couldn't speak otherwise. "But I don't think.... you have the.... complete picture...." At least he hoped he didn't. There weren't many people who knew the Castle thouroughly, the underground was quite extensive, and the castle itself a laberynth, even with a map. The intruder seemed too prepared, but everyone makes mistakes sometimes. Cado surely had.

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(no subject)

Jan. 12th, 2006 | 10:56 pm
posted by: skard4life in amsithru

"You idjit. Did you honestly think my employer didn't know about your emergency buttons?"

He reached into yet another pocket and pulled out a sleek gadget.

"Transmission jammer. They'd have to be within twenty-five feet to receive your signal, and I'm pretty sure they'd be able to see us if they were anyway."

Simon frowned at the guard, lying in an almost unconscious state of rage and bloodlust. He hadn't proved dangerous, but he was a liability.

"I didn't want to do this. You should have just given up. It's not like my target ever did anything to benefit you before."

Another pocket, this time revealing a sinister looking gun.

"This one, if you even care, is a short range, low amplitude particle disintegrator. In other words, however cliche this is, I have to vaporize you. Unless you can give me a good reason not to in five seconds, starting...now."

He aimed the gun as he started the countdown outloud.


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